Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I got no dime but I got some time to hear your story

"I'll never change and she'll never be the same." Those were the words out of my husband's mouth when asked by our "couples counselor", "What is your greatest fear about entering into therapy?" I thought to myself "how profound". Well, no truer words have ever come out of his mouth - at least not that I've been made aware. So, I suppose he knew at that point that his thought process regarding his behaviors towards me would remain intake. He should have saved the money and packed it in right then and there. I later found out he only went because it was what I wanted. Well, that's true. I wanted to save the marraige. It would never happen.
And I NEVER WILL be the same. We are the sum of our experiences. Fortunately for me, a year of private therapy left me unbitter and feeling alive once again. I am not the same, I am stronger than ever.
As you get older it isn't really harder to meet people. That's what most believe because we hear it over and over again. What IS difficult is to meet someone that you can connect with. I can only conclude that this is because we have all gotten stronger. We don't become "picky", we just know what we want. More importantly, we know what we don't want.
So, that's my story. Got a dime?


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