Sunday, February 04, 2007

Got no thought to relate in the same old way, anyway- Rhapsody in Red

I post this with no particular thought in mind other than to post. As I type I wonder why. At a loss for words, I move on. Uninspired by this creative outlet, I move on to another. Certain outlets, certain times. Different meanings and outcomes. Sometimes questions, sometimes answers. Different but the same? No, not this time. So here I ramble, with no particular thought in mind. Nothing whatsoever.


Anonymous jane said...

Blogging is an interesting outlet, that's for sure. I've thought of hanging my hat many times, but because of friends like you that I've met, I keep on if even for just 1 more day.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Steve Hayes said...

I was halfway through reading it and the phone jangled my thoughts away. It was some woman wanting to know if I wasnted to sell my house. It's not mine, but my wife's, doll. So I came back and reead trhe rest of what you saiod and thought I'd tell you this for the same reason.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Michael K. Willis said...

Sometimes we write just to write...just like we dance just to dance or sing just to sing (or even sometimes cry just to cry or laugh just to laugh)...and that's cool in and of itself. Or, as Van Morrison once said (in "Summertime in England", arguably one of the greatest 15-minute pop songs ever :-): "it ain't 'why, why, why', it just is..."

1:25 PM  

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