Sunday, April 10, 2005

Keep an eye to the future, an ear to the past. After thinking it over, notice nothing much lasts

Instead of seeing "my life flash before my eyes" I had the recent experience of telling my life story in 30 minutes or less. I'd spent the following 36 hours thinking of the incredible mess it had been. It almost seemed like it was too much for me to handle.
I had a hard time dealing with the pain, the memories, the feelings of suddenly being so unsure of myself. Most gratefully, I wake up feeling stronger today for all that I have overcome. Is this the glass half empty/half full theory? Hell no. It is keeping a handle on who I am and where I've come from. I know myself a little better now than I did a few days back and I have control over what I do with that knowledge. What a cool thing. Very cool.


Blogger Laurie said...

Beautiful blog and very intense posts. I'll be back to check on you.

11:13 PM  
Blogger suzawanda said...

Every day we learn from friends and from relationships....what we want and what we don't want..sometimes it is changes us for the better each time and makes us are a strong woman of value and honesty...thank you for sharing your life....

8:19 PM  

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