Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Commissars and pin-striped bosses roll the dice. Anyway they fall, quess who gets to pay the price. - Throwing Stones

I am afraid of Genetically Modified Organism's (GMO'S),unknowingly consuming them in foods - no labeling required. I want to make that decision for myself.
I cry for the farmers and their families, their livelihoods stripped because the wind blew and infested their crops. I'm angry that small feed companies are being bought up by only 7 major conglomerations. I worry for the small, isolated islands used for "testing". They will watch their landscapes deteriorate.
I'm afraid the public will accept the governmental rhetoric that GMO'S will "feed the masses" and not stop to ask what we are feeding "them" and what destruction will be left in their paths. Please know that we are "them" and still, the winds blow.


Blogger GPV said...

I am concerned for you,as for us we've fought OMGs so hard,most of them are prohibited in France except for corn products coming from the US(it's been proven ok)?
Another futur concern is about the famous "Obey Pills" Pills that make the kids "Reasonable".Some people don't hesitate and give them to their children,Ye Gods!
they work better in school and they are less trouble for mom and dad.Ain't that just dandy?!

6:54 AM  
Blogger Loquacious Curmudgeon said...

You have every right to be concerned about GMO's. Mostly, GMO's in and of themselves are harmless. Most are very well tested and are engineered for a specific reason, such as the corn strain that resists certain pesticides, allowing farmers to save their crops cheaply. And many GMOs are engineered to not reproduce, forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year, but also preventing strains from taking over natural crops.

Unfortunately, like so many scientific breakthroughs, it's not the scientists in control, but big business who couldn't care less about the health of consumers or the well-being of farmers. So even though I'm a science major and I've read about the benefits of many GMOs, I avoid them as well, not knowing which GMO is in which product or how the company that developed or owns it is using the science.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Lu said...

this is one of those issues...that i want to learn more about...that i need to learn more about...but so far i havent...

thanks reminding me...

LuAnn (off to do some reading)

11:17 PM  

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